The Wedding Gown Hall of Fame - Gowns That Made the Cut

You're surely wondering by now whether there is any gown in the world we like. There are tons! Although some of the current trends are passing things we like in the detail department, like the half-moon strap sleeves, gorgeous embroidery details or the wrapped and trailing bow, all the gowns we like have in common that they are elegant, timeless, and look well finished, and none of them make any part of a woman look huge, tumorous, or flakily leprous. Cascades fall gracefully, there is no bunching or pulling at seams, few seams show and those that do are regular and well-made. The designs make the ladies wearing them look lovely, enhancing their own beauty rather than eclipsing them with the bizarre nature of a side-show display. Flowers artfully 'caught' in tulle are arrayed with a gentle sprinkling hand but under an overall sense of pattern and grace. Metallic touches are restrained, and colors are muted and subtle, expressions of the sublime nature of the bond between man and wife. And as the first image shows, you can wild with color in the most devastatingly elegant way, and as the last image shows, even if you go wild with color and sheerly whimsical with design at the same time, it's possible to do it with supreme fun style. Here are some examples of things we like a lot!

And, just as a reminder, after all those lovely things, of why the WGHOS exists, a few parting looks at truly silly marketing images....

Ah yes, I've always thought of a mature wedding as running away from home.

Maintain this pose throughout your wedding for a serene expression of Yogic center.

Yessss... the gold platform shoes and the golden beehive, you must have them...

A snoball shortie skirt is *exactly* what you want to be trying to hold down while biking along with your magenta beau.

The bow really makes this look. Really.

Naked wedding with a cake on your head! Whoo!