The Wedding Veil Hall of Shame

More fun with evil brain-sucking tulle!

Somewhere under there is a bride. I think.

The 80's return with a vengeance. In the 'Freddy Kreuger' sense of vengeance.

If you're short on materials, you can use a mosquito net or shower curtain.

Use head wings to express your wish to fly as free as a bird. Pull the string to make them flap.

What's on my head? No, you're kidding, right?


Tilly, let's run down and get a sodie from that dear little soda boy!

Perfect for the Vegas wedding - accessorize with tassles.

It was a dare, ok?

I told you that the Queen of the Amazons would be displeased, and now what do you think will happen?

One bird wing...

Sort of ... Pilgrimish.

Two bird wings... in this case an Emu...

You can use this one as a purse in a pinch.

OK, so maybe you shouldn't try to bend the wire around a bicycle rack.

I am so thrilled to have this purple thing on my head.

The entire bird.

Sheer fear.

Should I even get into hairstyles? Sure!!!
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