The Wedding Hair Hall of Shame

More fun with alien life forms pretending to be hair! recommends these elegant styles! We're even lucky to have some in the mug shot style of front and side views.
Never let the Walmart Gift Wrapping department do your hair.

Carmen Miranda says always make sure your hairpiece is larger and more colorful than your head.

The smaller leaves, enraged at being left out, have attacked the bride. Very interactive. (Are they glued on, or did they just stick pins into her flesh?)

Um, let's see... we can stick some pipe cleaners here...

Creative uses for the blender.

Use the floral horn to ram anyone who displeases you.

Prettiest girl in the trailer park.

The big problem here is that the white things keep crawling away.

Another view just in case you disbelieved the first one. They're definitely trying to get at whomever is standing behind her.

When pigtails take too much methadone.

Bridezilla gave up and tied it in a knot.

Then got frustrated and tied it in thirteen more.

Ah... Daisy Duke? What kind of image are we trying for here anyway?

When it's not enough to torture the adults...

Just wait until her mother tries to do this to her again for Prom...

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